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Sports Cube FLA is owned and operated by Garrick (Gary) Robinson. Sports Cube will be initially dedicated to the events and properties managed by the Orlando Lacrosse Company and Zeus Sports Florida LLC. Over time the Cube will expand its coverage to other sports, events, and youth sports news.

The publication is dedicated to his father Dexter Robinson who was a publishing executive throughout most of his professional career. Although it took sixty years his son finally took his advice to launch a magazine devoted to youth sports. Dexter has since passed on but his influence and the way he lived his life live on through this effort.
Dexter’s influence allowed Gary to realize a career that spanned several states and also overseas as an athletic director, coach of football and lacrosse, educator, and entrepreneur in several fields.
Here is a brief summary of life well lived by a man who went from the slums to the top of the corporate world through hard work and patience, while demonstrating incredible respect to all he encountered.

Dexter Edward Robinson, passed at the age of 86 while residing in Westminster, Maryland.

His childhood memories stem primarily from living on the “west side” of Pittsburgh, Pa. during the depression. For pleasure he read books from the library and a can of soup gained his entry into a movie theater. At the age of 12 he was employed at Phillips Drugstore beginning at 15 cents an hour and ending at 35 cents an hour in 1940. He joined the Army on July 1, 1942, during World War II, and was stationed in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska until his discharge in 1945. The GI Bill afforded him the ability to obtain both a bachelor of arts and Master of Arts degrees in English from the University of Pittsburgh. His love of books led to a career as a college textbook salesman with Prentice Hall in Buffalo, N.Y. from and then McGraw Hill in New York where he worked his way up to president of the company. While employed with McGraw Hill, he also wrote specs for the Nuclear Energy Commission in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and managed a Russian scientific translation operation at Wright Patterson AFB.
He worked out of offices located in Washington, D.C., Rome-Italy, Charlottesville, Va., and New York City.
He then moved on to be president of World Publishing Company in Cleveland, Ohio, which was owned by Times Mirror Corporation.
In 1972 he relocated to Westminster. While there he co-founded Access Corporation based in Cincinnati. He retired in 1983. Upon retirement, he enjoyed landscaping on the families 18-acre wood lot. He enjoyed spending hours making trails in the woods that would end up as dirt bike trails for his kids. He enjoyed attending his sons and grandsons’ football, basketball, and lacrosse games. He also enjoyed spending mornings writing and had completed several novels during his life-time.


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