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The growth of lacrosse has produced varied options for club participation for all ages.

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The growth of the sports has produced varied options for club participation

As with any discipline acquiring the skills, IQ, and experience for the sport requires endeavor outside of the traditional spring season. All players of merit have developed their games in the off season in most cases through participation in club lacrosse.

The growth of the sports has produced varied options for club participation in and out of the state for all levels of experience and talent.  Each type of club serves a specific purpose. See the general category of clubs below. You can click on each link for a detailed description:

Local based high school clubs
>Local based recreation clubs
>Regional based clubs – see Lacrosse Club Orlando
>National clubs

Local based high school clubs – generally cater to a specific high school or defined local community. You will see a majority of the players hail from a few schools or one with the emphasis on skills, team chemistry, and identifying areas of improvement.

Local based recreation clubs – traditional model for introducing and teaching the game below the high school level. Local rec teams will usually participate in at least a metro area spring league with many breaking out to participate in either Fall/Winter/Summer club tournaments as well.

Regional based clubs – a more advanced set up from local clubs that provide a great way to get players out their local comfort zone and participate with players from several or many other high school and youth rec programs.  These clubs allow for players to be placed on teams where they are grouped with similar experience levels and thus allowed to step up as leaders for their respective teams.  Regional teams then participate in the in state tournament circuit in both the Fall/Winter and early Summer periods. The largest and longest running in state regional program is the Lacrosse Club Orlando (LCO) which combines over twelve high schools and their feeder programs for the early summer season. A number of LCO players use the LCO experience to sharpen their skills prior to then traveling out of state with various national clubs who attend recruiting events out of state.  At the same time many LCO players use the experience to develop their game, test themselves with and against top competition, and to get a leg up for their upcoming school year teams.

National Clubs – usually are tryout based with the premise of bringing together highly motivated players to travel out of state and play versus other national clubs within college recruiting environments.  These clubs field youth teams as well that fall below the recruiting age but are being prepared for the recruiting experience to follow in the years ahead.

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